Buy Facebook Shares

By arriving at this website you clearly are considering the possibility to buy Facebook shares and this site is here to help with information about the company and, in our opinion, the best way to buy Facebook shares. Just on the off chance that you are not aware of what Facebook is, it is what is known as a social networking site and it was founded by Mark Zuckerberg back in 2004 originally to allow his fellow Harvard students to exchange messages with each other but since then it has expanded somewhat and now claims more than 1 billion users. Essentially it allows those who open an account and create a profile to create a friends group or groups who can then send all sorts of messages to each other either under a privacy setting for friends only or a public setting for general consumption and more recently voice and video calls. As all of this is free the revenues come from advertising and with such as huge user base it is a very convenient way for advertisers to reach millions of people and because certain information has to be provided on the account the advertising can be targeted at for example a particular age group. With all this in its favour, it is easy to see why anyone would want to buy Facebook shares. To buy Facebook shares you will need to be able to access the US NASDAQ market which from the UK is not quite as easy as our own stock exchange. Some banks and brokers will be able to buy Facebook shares for you but the most convenient way is to use a specialist online broker such as we suggest here on site. To open an account is very simple and once done you can not only buy Facebook shares but also sell them should you decide to take any profits or trade in any other shares of interest to you.

When to buy Facebook shares?

As a prospective investor and possibly a seasoned investor one of the big questions to be answered is when to buy Facebook shares and it will come as no surprise that the advisors and brokers are very much divided on whether now is the right time to buy Facebook shares or not but what we do know is that those people who did buy Facebook shares at the initial launch are now sitting on considerable losses possibly in part due to the unfortunate occurrences on day one but even since then there has been a steady decline in the price of Facebook shares. The question to be answered then is, does this fall present a golden opportunity to buy Facebook shares at a value price? Try this binary options 30 seconds trading platform site for more information but nobody can give a definitive answer to that as nobody knows the future but there were many people who decided to buy Facebook shares at the IPO including smart institutional investors who thought the financial numbers made sense at the offer price so they at least must believe that to buy Facebook shares now at a heavily discounted price must be even better value. There will be others who shied away from the IPO (Initial Public Offering) and did not buy Facebook shares at the initial price and they are probably feeling pretty smug with their decision but even they must consider when the share price will bottom out and when it becomes a smart idea to get on board and buy Facebook shares.

How to buy Facebook shares

As previously stated you can probably buy Facebook shares through any good broker but by far the quickest and the cheapest solution is to use a specialist online broker such as recommended here. Any share has a buying and a selling price with the selling price always being below the buying price and with popular shares such as Facebook that are traded in large quantities the difference is small which means that the commission you pay for the trade becomes an important factor in making money and online trades are always cheaper than other methods. Another consideration is speed as prices can change very quickly so when you decide the moment has come to buy Facebook shares you want to know at what price you are trading; there is nothing worse than placing a deal and finding out that you are in a queue and your buy was carried out later at a higher price. Trading shares via the internet with a good broker is also a safe method as they will use encryptions but as with any internet trading you should keep your account and password details safe and follow instructions carefully.

Is this a good time to buy Facebook shares?

Whether this is a good time to buy Facebook shares depends a lot on your appetite for risk and whether you are thinking of a short term profit or a longer term investment. It is always very difficult to buy at the absolute bottom of a market and whether Facebook shares have reached the bottom is open to some debate but being able to reach more than a billion people must have a value to advertisers. If you are looking to buy Facebook shares to turn a quick profit, it is probably a risky strategy but with an online trading account you can act quickly and if there is an upward movement at least you can spot it and react. In the longer term Facebook shares probably represent a good buying opportunity but as they have only been on the open market for a relatively short time there is little history to suggest where the top or bottom of the market might be but there must be a considerable upside for anyone who is prepared to take a calculated gamble and buy Facebook shares at the current market price. Another strategy would be to spread your investment over a number of months which of course spreads the risk and having an online trading account means that you can change that strategy at any moment if you see something happening.